Пароли по умолчанию на Konica Minolta


Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
1690MF 1 web sysAdmin root
204c A08E-V100- 1 admin admn accsess cannat password
2430DL all versions administrator administrative access Current password listed on this site is wrong. Correct default password is ""administrator"" fully spelled out all lower case.
4650 HTTP admin administrator admin
5550 Front Panel 0 Maintenance mode
7216 7216 http (none) sysadm Admin
7255 Multi n/a sysadm admin
BH 215 sysadm
BizHUB 160(f) HTTP N/A sysadm
bizhub 163/211 bizhub 163/211 http sysadm administrator
bizhub 420 console 12345678
Bizhub 600 Admin KM 12345678 Admin
BIZHUB 7272 / IP-511A Type A IP sysadm admin
Bizhub C10 http none MagiMFP Admin
bizhub C10 1 none none admin
Bizhub C20 0
bizhub C20 administrator administrator Admin
bizhub c203 all all 12345678
bizhub C220 http (none) 12345678 admin
Bizhub C25 Current ver Septemebr 2011 ip of printer Administrator administrator Admin The manual of the printer sais '000000' as default password; i had to use 'administrator'
Bizhub C252 all,console none 12345678 Administrator
Bizhub c360 Administrator 12345678
bizhub C650 all versions console Administrator 12345678 system settings Touch Utility/Counter, touch Administrator settings, key in password, touch OK
C20 http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Administrator Administrator from the login webpage
C253 Console 12345678 admin Tried what was listed at url and it worked on device :http://www.fixya.com/support/t888192-konica_minolta_bizbub_c253
c284 1234567812345678
C350 0 often either 00000000 or 12345678 on all KM printers
C352 console/network 12345678
C364 - lokal - 1234567812345678 admin
C454 1234567812345678
Di 2010f n/a HTTP n/a 0 Admin Printer configuration interface
Di3510 web n/a 0
di3510 all versions admin
Di470 Admin Panel 0 admin
Ineo250 administrator 0
Magiccolor 4690MF all http none sysadm Administrator
magicolor 2300 DL Multi (none) 1234 Admin
magicolor 2430DL All Multi (none) (none) Admin Taken from reference manual for product
Magicolor 2450 front panel KM2450
Magicolor 2530DL administrator
Magicolor 4695MF Point webbrowser to printer's IP. none administrator Administrator
Magicolor 5450D All versions HTTP admin
Magicolor 5550 Font Panel KMM5550 Service mode
Magicolor 7450ii All ? Printer console None KMM7450 Service Menu
Magicolor 8650 ? Console none 12345678 Admin menu anyone know the service password for this model?

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